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Dogwood campaigns

no-tankers-handbill Let BC Vote (Desktop) Ban Big Money (desktop) Defend Our Farmland (desktop) Stand Up to China (desktop) Stand Up to China Facebook graphic
Dominoes illustrate pipelines rejected
Kinder Morgan’s rejection by the Province of British Columbia piles the pipeline on top of other pipelines rejected by government

Let B.C. Vote?is a long-running campaign to build?support among British Columbians for a citizen’s initiative in the event that proposed bitumen pipelines are approved by the Province of British Columbia. The campaign site’s reboot gives a positive, team-building focus and highlights what we want to protect.

For Ban Big Money, I?took inspiration from Monty Python?to illustrate the amount of money flowing into the provincial Legislature from corporate donations, which are illegal at the Federal level. This was ultimately banned the following year after the 2017 provincial election. Dogwood was instrumental in making corporate donations a key election issue.

Defend Our Farmland?takes a different approach to Dogwood’s ongoing coal campaign. Development in the region (related to ports and transportation) threaten to pave over our valuable farmland. The second graphic on this page is slowly taken over by dirty coal ports, tanker traffic and pollution.

In the first four days of the Stand Up to China?campaign, the petition received more than 25,000 signatures. The Prime Minister subsequently delayed his trade mission to China indefinitely.

Design and development of responsive petition sites, Facebook ads and graphics. Original light house and Legislature?building photos by Ted McGrath via Flickr. Photo contributions to Defend Our Farmland.